850 River Road Prince George BC V2L 5S8
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All Aboard!!The Central British Columbia Railway and Forest Industry Museum have developed an impressive collection while at the same time offering exciting events, information and event a community venue to the residents and Visitors alike. Our Museum has a collection of over 100 major artifacts. These include the only 50 Kilovolt Electric Locomotive in Canada, The 1904 Russel Snowplow, again one of the best examples in Canada, The Letourneau log Stacker which, when brought to Prince George was the largest machine of its type in the north. With all of this Heavy equipment our artifacts would weigh over 30,000 tons. Our largest Artifact is the Beehive Burner which towers over our many historic buildings historic as a reminder of an earlier time when logging practices were less environmentally friendly. We are a museum of museums with many separate building with themed displays. Begin you visit at the Penny Station a Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Station. From there you will see an Authentic Business Car from the Saame era and a Steam Locomotive. Your next stop may be to the Forestry section which is filled with everything from a Steam Donkey to Arch Trucks, to a Band Saw from the Old Eagle lake Sawmill. Our forestry section is completed with an impressive display of over 60 Chain Saws from all eras. The communication industry is well represented by the Cora Bell McDonald Building which shows the history of telegraphy and telephony from the turn of the century to the present day. Visitors to this “museum” especially like to see our working telephone exchange. Our Museum has within is grounds the best collection of firefighting artifacts on display in the area. You will see early fire engines, a Fire sled, and even a huge hoop to catch unfortunate persons who had to jump out of the second our third story of a burning building.

As a Research Institution we have a reference Library of over 1000 volumes and a number of historical photos, maps, technical drawings and other relevant historical information. We a partners with the UNBC Archives and the Bulk of our archival collection is held by this Class One Archival Institution.

Our museum is a living museum, There are no do not touch signs. Walk inside our building sand rail cars imagine it is you actually there so many years ago. Our mini rail is not only fun but is also a chance to learn about real rail operations listen as our engineers and conductors use real phrases and signals used by railway person all over North America.

Our Visitors Centre has a giftshop, and traditional display along with outr most important asset the friendly and knowledgeable volunteers and staff that with guide you to the best we have to offer and answer your questions help to make your vist both memorable and enjoyable

Check out our web site for information about our many events at www.pgrfm.bc.ca.