Moffat Bridge Quesnel
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Gold was discovered in the Cariboo in 1859. Three years later, Britain’s Royal Engineers began construction of a historic road to riches. Called “the eighth wonder of the world,” the 642km (400-mile) Cariboo Waggon Road was built by blasting through the Fraser Canyon to the goldfields at Barkerville. After completion in 1865, the road -now part of the famous Gold Rush Trail- allowed mule trains, freight wagons and stage coaches to serve central BC. Today you can still travel the legendary Gold Rush Trail. The area has over 1,200km (745 miles) of roadways with colourful heritage towns, community museums, attractions, archives, galleries and other exciting discoveries en route. The Gold Rush Trail extends from Fort Langley to CacheCreek via Highway 1 and from CacheCreek to Quesnel via Highway 97. From there, Barkerville is a one-hour drive via Highway 26. Visit: Gold Rush Trail

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