215 Kilby Rd Harrison Mills, BC
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Located at Kilby Historic Site, experience Waterloo Farm – a two-hectare working farm filled with friendly animals, an orchard, a playground, and an adjacent beach with swimming and boating. The grounds surrounding the general store are approximately five acres, which have been preserved as the working farm it once was. The homestead resembles the farm just as it was in the 1920s. Friendly farm animals and replicated outbuildings bring to life the way was in its day. Explore the wonderful orchard here on site that was planted in the spring of 1926. During the fall, juice and cider-making are demonstrated. The Orchard Playground contains a sandbox, tree fort, teeter-totter and swings for the enjoyment of the children. Contained in a small lean-to is a variety of games, such as croquet and stilts for everyone to enjoy. Throughout the site you’ll explore the topics of transportation, geography, local native culture, the logging industry and farming in the 1920s.

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