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How to get to the North Pacific Fishing Village: Travel towards the hub of Prince Rupert along Highway 16 (Yellowhead Hwy). Take a left on Hwy 44 towards Port Edward. Continue driving past the village of Port Edward and on

The North Pacific Cannery, known today as the North Pacific Historic Fishing Village. This historic site protects the oldest surviving salmon cannery village along British Columbia’s coast. Established in 1889, this cannery was typical of those in remote locations in that it provided accommodation through the summer canning season. Little has changed since the plant closed in the late 1960s. Almost 30 buildings linked by wooden boardwalks are open for inspection. You’ll see a working canning line, primitive living quarters, a company store, and a model railway, while live theatre adds colour to the fish-filled experience. Self-guided tours explore the bunk houses, the belt driven machinery in the main cannery building, the management cabins and an old cannery store.

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