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At the end of a winding dirt and gravel road stands the site of the earliest mining camp in the Cariboo. When gold fever struck in the early 1860s, Quesnel Forks -thanks to its key location at the junction of the Quesnel and Cariboo Rivers- became a rowdy centre for the Cariboo Gold Rush. “The Forks” camp attracted thousands until the completion of the Cariboo Waggon Road changed the route to the goldfields. While many prospectors had left the area by 1875, a thriving Chinese community of over 200 merchants and miners still inhabited the village. However, most mines closed in the 1920s and by 1956 the town was abandoned. Today, Quesnel Forks is a fascinating ghost town. Visit the area’s restored buildings or stroll through the hillside cemetery. Quesnel Forks was named one of the “10 Best Picnic Areas In British Columbia” by Westworld Magazine in 2000.

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