• Caribou Chilcotin Coast

    26 Sites

    Step back in time to British Columbia’s cowboy history; the province’s ‘wild west’ is still a landscape of rolling ranchland where cowboys ride the range. Gold was discovered in this region in the 1800s, and evidence of the rush runs throughout the many preserved heritage sites where visitor’s can relive the hey days, and learn about the roots Chinese inhabitants had in the region.

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  • Kootenay Rockies

    27 Sites

    From powdery peaks to alpine meadows, the Kootenay Rockies boasts a proud history of prospectors and pioneers. Some European settlements are still nestled in these hills following boom gold rush years when Chinese, European and the Ktunaxa First Nations battled on these lands.

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  • Northern BC

    25 Sites

    Northern British Columbia’s past is made up of people’s connections to this extraordinary natural environment - its first inhabitants can be traced back to 10,500 years ago! Tucked into the vast landscape are remnants of First Nations culture, the early days of Canada’s fur trade and a longstanding tradition of fishing.

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  • Thompson Okanagan

    34 Sites

    Food, wine and agriculture -- to know this region is to experience British Columbia’s rich heritage in cultivating delicious fare from the land. Amid its sun-soaked valley’s and mountain peaks, this area is ripe with stories of a past in fruit-picking, railways and mining.

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  • Vancouver Island

    50 Sites

    This verdant isle was born of a combination of First Nations and European history, and is home to some of the most enchanting heritage buildings and museums in the province’s capital, Victoria. A population boom from the gold rush helped form Vancouver Island, a region with magnificent Aboriginal heritage, British traditions and diverse eco-systems.

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  • Vancouver, Coast Mountains

    68 Sites

    The world-class city of Vancouver and its environs are a focal point of British Columbia’s history. From its Coast Salish roots to the arrival of European settlers by train and boat, the region’s heritage is reflected in the spectacular geography of mountains and ocean.

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  • Victoria

    5 Sites

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